My first month in Brussels


On the 23rd of January I left Sweden for the Brussels adventure. While I was at Arlanda airport in Stockholm I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I didn’t want to leave Sweden because this country gave me a lot, such as intellectual experiences, linguistic investigations and especially friendships. On the other hand, I was content because I was always wanted to live in Belgium, a country so different but at the same time so similar to Cyprus, my home country. Among my first impressions was that the evolution of the historical context in Belgium is a bit similar to the Cypriot one.

Belgium and Cyprus co-exist people of different cultural and language identities. Belgium is a small country in comparison the countries around and Cyprus is a small island in the Mediterranean. In the case of Belgium the Germanic world should coexist with the romance world in a restricted space. On the contrary, in Cyprus, the Greek-speaking community should coexist with the Turkish speaking community is an even smaller space. Generally, intolerance between the different communities is present in both countries. However, both in Belgium and Cyprus there are a lot of people who embrace all the cultural identities and are bilingual. The latter gives me hope to keep fighting for the reunification of my home country even though I am abroad.

Generally, every day is a new language and cultural experience. In addition, I develop my language, cultural and historical investigation by interacting with Dutch-speaker individuals. Yesterday, I started learning some words in Dutch and thus get in touch with another aspect of this country. From this week, a new chapter of my life will be written. It will include my experience to dive even more in the Germanic world, a travel that has already start during my stay in Sweden.  Furthermore, I will evolve my knowledge in arts, cultures and political philosophy.  The curiosity for the unknown may lead to the growth of knowledge and the combat of ignorance.

My journey across the languages: November 2013

hejI expressed my first thoughts in Greek, so I learnt the meaning of the word “democracy” (δημοκρατία/ democratia).

Some years later, I comprehended the context of “globalization” when I started speaking English.

Then, Spanish helped me to realize that you need “passion” (pasión) to make your dreams come true.

Moreover, I discovered the power of “diplomacy” (diplomatie) when I started learning French.

Now, I am learning Swedish while I am seeking for other contexts which will enrich my multicultural identity.