Two wonderful Greek song with a political message

which are my favourite Greek songs. Honestly, the answer is rather difficult since the Greek music is quite broad. In addition, many compositors, musicians and singers of Greek origin are known at an international level as well. The creativity in arts and culture in Greece, like everywhere else, reflects the obstacles and the concerns of the people. Furthermore, many artistic pieces incorporate political messages. Personally, I am politically engaged following Jean-Paul Satre’s citation “to justify our existence we need to be politically engaged”. As a consequence, I have chosen to present you two Greek songs that embed political messages and especially universal notions about the struggles of the people.

The first one is entitled “Malamatenia Logia (Malamatenia Logia)”, a closed translation in English could be the golden words or the kind words. This song describes the situation in Greece during the dictatorship of colonels. This regime established the fear and the restriction of fundamental freedoms. Specifically, it mentions the struggles of the workers’ movement, the execution of people during the dictatorship, the repression and, above all, the censorship. Manos Eleftheriou has written the lyrics and Yiannis Markpoullos have composed the music. The dictatorship wanted to supervise the artistic production so that to control the diffusion of political messages. Consequently, the censorship impeded the creativity and the development of an advanced aesthetic.  The arts and the culture endorse the capacity to reflect, something that might mobilise the people to protest against the different kinds of regimes. My favourite version is the one below.

The second one is entitled “Koliga gios (Κολλήγα γιος)”. The Greek work “koligas” derives from the Latin “collega” and denotes the people who were working in feuds. In other words, they were working the whole day and the whole night without earning a lot of money. Sometimes they were living in the plantations as well. This song has two crucial points of view. On the one hand, it describes the struggle of the people over the years. On the other hand, it describes how people have been conformed to the system, an aspect that dissuade them to fight for their rights. The lyrics were written by Yiannis Negrepontis and the music was composed by Loukianos Kilaidonis.

Personally, I am struggling not to conform to the established rules of various institutions of power. This is not easy since I am part of this society. However, I will continue to fight with the means I possess for the improvement of the space I live. Enjoy the songs, and I will come back with more Greek songs soon.

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