25/12/2010: Day 4 Scandinavian,Baltic and Mediterranean Celebrations

On the 25th December of the 2010,I went at the Christmas mass after many years.I woke up at 6:00am,I met some other participants and we went to the Christmas mass.After I called to my relatives to wish them Happy Christmas,when I announced them that I had attended the Christmas mass almost nobody believed me.When we returned from the church we have breakfast and we exchange Christmas wishes with the other participants.It was something very unique for me,Christians,Muslims and Jews were exchanging wishes full of love and prosperity,even though,some of them do not recognize Christmas as a holy day.

Then,there was a presentation from the Swedish and the Estonian team about Christmas celebration in their countries.I have to admit that both of them were very well organized.The participants moved for a while in the Swedish Christmas mood through the mysterious and calm atmosphere of the presentation.The awe inspiring Swedish presentation followed the vivid Estonian presentation,in an imaginary flight with only one destination,Estonia.From the Estonian presentation I liked the Estonian version of the song “Oh!Christmas Tree” and the cookies.Later,we celebrate the Christmas in the Cypriot way,singing Cypriot Christmas carols and dancing Cypriot dances.After,the multicultural Christmas celebrations the participants exchanged Christmas presents.Later we all celebrated Christmas dancing all night long under the sound of the disco songs.

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